Insight: Watching the Time

As a population, we are becoming more and more dependent on our phones as primary sources of information. They brilliantly capture our moments via ever-updated camera features, and allow us to multi-task between mobile banking and calling a taxi. We are able to connect with loved ones in distant places, and easily check our emails from work. Yet in this day of consistent screen staring, it can be incredibly refreshing to take a break from pixelated information.

Fun Experiment: It may seem daunting, but the next lunch outing you attend, turn your cell phone off, or leave it in the car. Chances are, you’ll not only become especially aware of how many other lunch guests are consistently turning to their phones, but you will be able to enjoy a much more relaxing conversation (and meal!)

Our case for today is to bring back the classic wrist watch. The wristwatch has been around for over 400 years, and yet in our day it is quickly falling out of vogue due to the ‘convenience’ of a phone.

Because what about having to sift through our belongings to find our phone, turn it on, check the time, and put it safely away is actually convenient?


Additionally, consider the impression your friend/boss/child may have when you turn your attention from them to your phone. Inevitably, this simple action of checking the time on your phone can convey the message that you are either bored or looking to find distraction, rather than simply checking the time.

So how can you maintain proper etiquette and class while staying punctual? A wristwatch, of course? And fortunately, there are beautiful, diverse styles of watches on the market still today.

How to style it:

  • Have it sized. Just as important as having a tailored dress or pant is a fitted watch. This will ensure your watch is always in the position you need it, instead of constantly falling prey to gravity.

  • Layer it. The exception to the above stated rule is when you are wearing a watch with a set of bangles. By having the watch be the same size as your bracelets, your timekeeping needs will remain low-key.

  • Clean face. You are wearing this watch to keep the time, right? Facilitate your ability to casually glance to your wrist and catch the time by opting for a clean, easy-to read watch face.

  • Slim profile. Similar to the importance of having a properly sized wristband is to pick a watch with a smaller profile. Huge watches are all the rage in today’s trends, it’s true. But by sticking with a thinner, less bulky watch, the watch will last you through the trends and come out still looking classy.

  • Neutrality always wins. Swiss watches aren't popular through the years and trends due to luck! Navy, black, white, or tan watch bands will always be a safe choice for their neutral tones. If you are feeling adventurous, a deep red or metallic color band are great choices.

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