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Today's trending item has adventurous beginnings. Originally designed for extreme activities such as skydiving and motor racing, this functional one-piece article of clothing was practically called a "jump suit".

The one-piece nature made for a safer outfit- especially compared to a shirt or jacket tucked into a pant.

Now prevalent in a more stylish design, the jumpsuit has become a hot trending item.

This one-piece garment is often seen on the likes of Queen Letizia of Spain, Amal Clooney and other fashion-forward icons, and we don't see it going anywhere any time soon.

We love the universally flattering character of the jumpsuit- there's a fit that compliments every single body shape. There is also quite the spectrum of "dressiness". We see fabulous dressy numbers that could fly at a holiday party, as well as more casual jumpsuits that are perfect for errand day and everything between.

Since we are increasingly seeing more and more variations and styles on the market, we've done a breakdown on how to style this trending item.

Blue jumpsuit

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Burgundy jumpsuit

How to style it:

The Right Cut. Every jumpsuit invariably comes with a blouse top, which creates endless style options. Jewel, tie neck, bateau, collared, button down, and modest V are some of our favorite styles. You can see some of our current picks below.

Color. There can be some pretty bold and daring fabrics and prints out on the market right now with this trend in full swing. We definitely lean towards a solid color for a streamlined, sharp look.

Dressy. A jumpsuit is the ultimate easy power outfit. The name does, after all, have the word 'suit' in it! Find a style that can translate effortlessly from office wear to date night out.

Accessorize wisely. Accessories can easily go from complimentary to eye-catching, depending on the look you are aiming for. If your jumpsuit is a solid black number, go for some statement earrings for some interest. However, if the style of the jumper is the draw, then accessorize more neutral.

Mimic the look. If this look is too bold or trendy for your taste, you can easily replicate the look by wearing pants and a blouse in the same color shade.

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