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All the latest trends from the fashion industry, with added emphasis on elegance.

Trending: Jump in on the Jumpsuit trend

Today's trending item has adventurous beginnings. Originally designed for extreme activities such as skydiving and motor racing, this functional one-piece article of clothing was practically called a "jump

Trending: Ultra Violet – Color of the Year

Pantone recently announced it's color of the year 2018, and you'll likely want to get a pair of shades on for this one- Ultra Violet!

Trending: Midi Dresses

If there’s one trend that we are ready to embrace wholeheartedly, it’s the midi dress! *Note: not to be confused with “mini dress”.* Shorthand for mid-length

Trending: Velvet, if you please

The velvet trend is coming to town! If you haven’t seen it coming, you’ll definitely start to notice it now. We’re seeing velvet on all

Trending: Mulberry Tones for Fall Warmth

As we head into the late fall and early winter months, we often turn to warm colors like mulberry to keep our spirits light. Thus,

Trending: Choker Necklaces

Has anyone else noticed this definite ‘90’s style making a huge comeback? Because it is definitely here! But the woven choker necklace of our youth

Trending: Military Green

We’re heading right into Labor Day weekend, and with it, the “unoffical” end of summer arrives. That means it’s time already to bring back out

Trending: White Skinny Jeans

The white jeans of the early ‘90’s is making a comeback, and (fortunately) with a little less prep and a lot more versatility this time

Trending: Mediterranean Blue

So you’re packing for your upcoming Greece trip, going through your closet trying to decide what says “relaxed and romantic” to match the atmosphere there,

Trending: Laser Cut Detail

Since we just covered the trend of adding to, or embellishing clothes, let’s talk about the opposite- cutting out fabric. Laser cutting is a pretty

Trending: Birkin Bags

Just about a month ago, a white, bedazzled handbag broke the record price for the highest ever auctioned handbag. The bag was sold for $300,168.

Trending: Embellishments

One trend that has ancient roots, yet is re-building a strong presence in the fashion world today are embellishments. This art of decorating and beautifying clothes

Trending: Pretty in Pleats

The power of pleats is immeasurable. Their folded fabric look sways with the slightest movement, almost as if adding a little dance to your every

Trending: Tie Neck Blouse

As we covered in Nancy Reagan’s Tribute article recently, the tie neck blouse is a classic wardrobe staple. We love it because the neck detailing